Monday, 6 March 2017

The Whole Body Informed with Thought

On 1st October 2001, Marjory spent most of the lesson sitting on a chair by the side of the table, not putting hands on but using her voice to bring her pupil's mind  back, again and again, to the work of directing...

MB: Neck free, head forward and up, the spine to lengthen, back to widen, both knees up to the ceiling... Releasing up and out of the hip, and up and out of the ankle... Release the wrists.... Let the couch support you... Neck free, head forward and up...

MC: You don't get bored just repeating the directions over and over?

MB: No, because I am thinking them in myself! 

"The whole body informed with thought."

MC: Was that one of FM's phrases?

MB: Yes, all the good stuff comes from him!

I was very lucky. I spent so much time with FM. I was able to absorb it. 

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