Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Secret of Zen for Our Time

For a chat after a lesson on 27th August 2001, Marjory remained seated on her chair while MC sat on the floor.

MC:  The Alexander Technique can easily be turned into not a little bit of nothing, but something...

MB: Yes, a feather in the cap. 

MC quoted Master Joshu saying that out of one hundred people who came to the temple, one hundred were looking for tea. In the Alexander world, similarly, people are looking for a sensory buzz. They want to come away from a lesson, not having got some more insight into a principle, but rather saying "WOW!"

MB laughed.

MB: But aren't we lucky to have this work and Buddhism? We should be so lucky! It is a source of great happiness! At least it makes me happy to do it!

For several minutes MB remained leaning forward in her chair.
MC was not sure whether MB wanted me to go. Decided to wait and trust the stillness.
After perhaps five full minutes, MB came back to the vertical and spoke of her doctor friend who thought that FM had "rediscovered the secret of Zen for our time." [See MB's 1965 Memorial Lecture]
MB remembered being at his house and admiring something on the mantlepiece. Her doctor friend gave it to her at once. 

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