Wednesday, 15 March 2017

More Wisdom than We Know

During a lesson on 1st October 2001,

 MC: This morning as I sat in Zazen I was thinking how to start working on the self as an indirect procedure. "Work on the self" already sounds too direct. It seems that it has to start with some understanding or realization...

MB: Yes, we cannot begin without some understanding. 

MC: Is that what the directions are -- to bring us back to realization of what's going on within our body?

MB: Yes, that's it. "All the laws and all the prophets." It's as the Bible says, "In that is all the laws and all the prophets." 

It is not that the directions "operate"; they are to remind us to realize what is going on in there. 

The power of the indirect!

MC: What do you mean by "the power of the indirect"?

MB: It has more wisdom than we know. 

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