Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sidestepping It

At the beginning of a lesson on 16th July 2001, MB praised the way MC allowed self to be directed up as body moved downwards from standing to sitting in a chair.

MC: I may be good at working out strategies to allow movements, but am I making any progress in getting to the root of holding?

MC discussed spiral asymmetry and anger and aggression probably linked to suffering testicular torsion in infancy...

MB: Holding is a way of not expressing it. You need a way of letting it go. 

MC: I used to enjoy karate training. What kind of way?

MB: This work is a way!

MB used the phrase "sidestepping it," which brought to mind tbe similar phrase "by-passing" used by Nelly Ben-Or.

MC: It goes against the grain for me to sidestep or by-pass.

MB: That [recognition] is part of the solution. 

Footnote: In retrospect, sidestepping it seems to be a practical corollary of the Buddha's teaching of emptiness. If anger does not exist as a thing unto itself, there is ultimately nothing to square up to.

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